Become a leader in recording, mixing and mastering, music production, photography and professional video production distinguished by our innovation, solutions, services and product quality. To be a company recognized for the humanity and professional quality of our team and for our contribution to the art.


To help our clients achieve their musical, audiovisual, artistic or any branch goals that we can cover, providing them with innovative services and solutions, satisfying their needs above their expectations. Likewise, OMG aims at the sustained growth of the company and the professional development of its collaborators and employees.

Our advantages


Equipment with high-end technology
We have all kinds of equipment and software of the latest technology with which we can offer to you an infinite number of possibilities..


Highly Qualified Engineers.

Our engineers have all the experience and dedication that you need to take your production to unmatched levels and perform with high standards.


We provide services to any part of the world
Remote mixing, composition, arranging, audio production, video editing and production, photo retouching, photomontage and web development among many others are services we provide anywhere in the world.


Low Rates
Contact us and find out what we have to offer. Totally personalized attention.


Comfortable and distraction-free space
At our instalations you can feel comfortable and at ease, our attention will make your recording session totally enjoyable and productive.