Frequent questions.


Do the photographs go through some sort of digital edition?

Of course, for photography to meet professional standards it is necessary to go through a job of colorization, correction of imperfections and some other processes that beautify and give life to the final product.


Since what moment are you at the wedding?

Depending on the wedding package selected. We could be from the moment they begin to make up the bride until the postboda.


Do you make a session to the bride?
Of course, it is commonly done just before we go to church.


How many photos will you take on my wedding day?
Between 100 and 500 photographs, so you have the freedom to select the ones that we will deliver, guiding us through by the photography package that was chosen.


Do you move to any part of the country?
Of course, you can contact us for any question.


In the wedding packages that you will sent to me, are transportation or travel expenses included?
In fact, if it is in Caracas or Los Teques (Venezuela), if this is not the case, an additional surcharge will be added to the budget.


Do you offer video packages?
You can request it along with your wedding package.