Frequent questions.


Do the photographs go through some sort of digital edition?

Of course, for photography to meet professional standards it is necessary to go through a job of colorization, correction of imperfections and some other processes that beautify and give life to the final product.


If I do not have experience how will I do with the poses?
No te preocupes, nosotros te guiaremos por todo el proceso y te prometemos que al final del día terminaras disfrutando el trabajo obteniendo muy buenos resultados.


Do you deliver all the photos that was taken during the session?
The photographs must pass through a due process of selection in which stand out those that have better performance in terms of focus and expression, then the selected ones go through the postproduction process and the best ones will be delivered as final product.


Is the make-up artist is included in the package?
It depends on what the customer wants, but our prices include only photography and production, if required, we can contact some of our partners in that area.


What do you recommend in clothing to wear?
The clothing is to your free expression, you can bring something with what you feel comfortable and additionally include the accessories that you want. An important recommendation is to avoid garments with geometric figures such as lines or squares that can alter body proportions.