Photomontage, photo retouching and restoration.

Frequent questions.


What is a photomontage?

Photographic composition resulting from the combination of fragments of different photographs, sometimes accompanied by drawings, and is usually done with artistic intention advertising, etc.


What effects can you achieve?

You can achieve great things, but to know the limitations and scope of the project that you want to realize you can consult with total freedom.

In general lines we perform:

– Background elimination, wrinkles, red eyes, teeth whitening, skin softening and any kind of photo retouching.
– Photomontages or removal of annoying elements of the photograph.
– Restoration of old photographs.
– Retouch lighting, color correction and artistic effects.


In order to carry out any of the processes mentioned above, several factors must be fulfilled, one of which is that the photographs provided must be have good quality, with good resolution and must have be well focused. Otherwise it will be almost impossible to achieve good results.